Wattsburg & Phillipsville
United Methodist Churches

We are glad you found us. We welcome ALL to attend our services in person and online. 

Looking for a Church Home?

At Wattsburg and Phillipsville United Methodist Churches, we seek to be a witness of God’s love. Worship, education, and service are at the heart of who we are. If you don’t have a church home, we invite you to consider one of our two churches to be your church home. 

If you do already have a church home, please stay active in your church, but know that you are welcome to join us for activities and ministries anytime you would like.

COVID-19 and our church

We are back to in-person worship at both churches. We will continue to host online worship at 11:00 am. 

Our Primary Concern is to not rush forward without taking care to ensure that our Sanctuaries continue to be a place of refuge and safety. We realize there were some who were ready to come back right away, there are others who may not want to come back yet, and some who are still deciding what is best for them.

Physical worship (at least for now) will not look the same as it did pre COVID-19. Below are some of the differences.

· Rentals of Fellowship Hall.  Rentals will be considered on a case-by-case basis, renters will be expected to follow CDC guidelines, increased fees will be charged to cover additional cleaning requirements.


How will worship look different?

· No Passing the Microphone, No Passing the Offering.

· Offering plate and Prayer cards will be on table in Sanctuary entrance

· Attendance will be tracked (not just how many, but who and how do we contact them)


The custodians are doing both cleaning and disinfecting following the CDC guidelines.